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Lauren Boyle
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UNDERWAY in Hungary. To quote coach Jerry Olszewski: “Yes, we can do this!”. Go Kiwis!


1 JUNE: Good teammates lead by example – So sorry I’m not going to be there. Had to withdraw. All the Kiwis will be cheering on the Team.


8 APRIL ’17: Teams named for World Champs and World Uni Games


31 MARCH 2017. Withdrawal from National Championships.


COACH & coaching director chopped - Always a question of balance isn’t it.


FOR me no New Year resolutions…but a NYT piece (3 January – link below) featuring Rick Hanson, a psychologist at the University of California, Berkeley, my alma mater, rings a bell for 2017 “Compassion for overwrought thoughts”.

SWIM SWAM - 13 December 2016. Denis Cotterell took a sabbatical. We knew that was coming (I think I was in the squad; maybe not).

NOVEMBER video. New Head Coach in Swimming New Zealand, Jerry Olszewski.

NOVEMBER 2016 - Radio Sport NZ enquired about having a chat, but can wait until hell freezes over for anything from me. Straight after my races at Rio de Janeiro Radio Sport aired an unjustified character attack on me by an ex Swimming New Zealand official. No apology or retraction was forthcoming. What Mr Bone would know about my illness, fightback, or for that matter anything much around elite competition, I could write on a small piece of rice paper. Age group swimming; maybe!
However on a positive note I should record my appreciation for the public support I received in response to this.

OCTOBER 2016 - Glenn has announced his retirement from the sport. Since our senior international team debut together in 2005 (Montreal) we’ve shared experiences, some turbulent, inside the New Zealand swim team. By the Olympic Games in ‘16 we were the veterans offering guidance to the younger members just as we had received back in 2005. Glenn was dedicated and hard-working. He quietly developed a lead role with his determination and inclusive attitude in the team. Glenn achieved huge feats for swimming in NZ - including fifth place at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and his 12 years straight at the head of breaststroke in NZ. Glenn Snyders you will be missed!

THE Famed Tiburon Mile. I swam the 2016 RCP Tiburon Mile on Sunday September 11 2016. Following the 9/11 commemoration it was one mile in San Francisco Bay in the Elite section, no wetsuit (not freezing this year) and no test swim, no prep. Conditions were choppy and cold. Very happy with my finish in fourth place for the women.

PHOTOS from around the Mackenzie Basin in the South Island - glacial lakes! Following what felt like an enormously long build up towards the Olympics in Rio, then racing, finally it all stopped; I get to have a holiday. And on from the South Is. to San Fran to see my old friends and college mates.


BAINESSE School, Palmerston North. Launch of Water Safety NZ and Garnier’s “Save Our School Pools Program” for the 2016/17 summer.
Garnier contributes cash to this water safety initiative and helps schools do repairs to keep pools in operation.
Last year we saved 6 pools, this year we hope to do more. We launched at Bainesse School where I raced Gareth Pringle, breakfast host at More FM, over a length in the refurbished pool. I have to say Gareth did pretty well I had to stretch to just win!

RIO 12 August 2016. We can’t let ourselves die wondering what might have been.

CHRIS Rattue in the NZ Herald on Jean Hurring, our Olympic bronze medalist at Helsinki, backstroke.


3 APRIL Swim Swam. An era where there is a definition of “non-Ledecky female distance swimmers”.

31 MARCH 2016. I had to work very hard to clock 4.08.28 and get under qualifying. My times weren’t the best but enough to get me a spot on the Olympic team which was the purpose for coming home to the national championship event. This has made me reflect on my swimming – been competing in pinnacle events since 2005 – that’s when it started for me: the World Championships in Montreal where I was amazed to place 23 in the World in the 400m Free.


GARNIER AMBRE SOLAIRE’S PROJECT. Garnier brought me into their campaign last year and in the run up to Rio we’re going to be talking more about the problem. We’re raising consciousness about keeping pools open. At its worst a swimming pool closure means a young person may fail to learn to swim. Second, a lot of older people use swimming pools…because it’s the best way for them to exercise.


EXCITING P B for Emma Robinson.


SWIMMING AUCKLAND listing of the SNZ Awards recipients. The list includes a lot of up-and-coming young swimmers. A plug for the Swimming Auckland site.


AFTERMATH to the NZ Flag debate. Sanity prevails at NZOC.


NZ OPEN Champs at the Sir Owen G Glenn National Aquatic Centre on 28 March at the AUT Millennium, attracting 256 swimmers. Two qualifying meets for the Olympics – this and the Canadian Trials, Toronto, 5 – 10 April.


OUR referendum: Kiwis voted to keep the flag.


Andrea Hewitt - always showed true grit throughout her career. Fitting that she’s the first Kiwi named for Rio.


With Water Safety New Zealand and Garnier, I wanted to add my name as an ambassador for Water Safety New Zealand’s ‘Save Our School Pools’ campaign. Garnier Ambre Solaire is in the business of helping keep Kiwi kids safe in the sun – do I relate to that! – and is not only making a cash contribution to this important campaign but also awareness raising on-pack and in-store.


Isn’t it fantastic when kids write letters to the editor [Otago Daily Times this time]! Great for me to meet Solomon Harcombe (11) and his school mates at Macandrew Bay School, Dunedin, to promote Solomon’s view…’Save My School Pool’.


Wellington’s Capital City Mazda is a big support to me and WOW I love sporty mazda.


Paris Meet - Paris-Chartres complex – 16 August


Kazan (RU). Five world championship medals.


Kazan (RU). My fourth medal at world championships level meant so much to me. Cut over 4 secs off my previous best 1500m. New NZ record at 15:40:14.


My Club making waves – Go United!


26 April 2015. I always value a viewpoint from Joseph Romanos.


Farewell to Luis Villanueva. Luis and I worked pretty well together - thanks Luis.


I like to think I’m “naturally tough” in the style of what DENIS
COTTERELL, my Miami coach, is talking about to Australia’s Daily

THE CROWD GOES WILD presents an interesting new listing called the
CGW Athlete Power Rankings:

I’ve been with famous Australian coach DENIS COTTERELL, at the
Miami Swimming Club, since this story ran in December:

ON-GOING coaching issues latter part of the year:

I was really stoked to beat my Com Games 800m time to collect a
SILVER at the Pan Pacific Championships. The plan had been to back
up well from the Glasgow Games and I did that . The Pan Pacs are a big
deal and this was one of my real highlights:

Proud to get the Games record in the 400 Free at GLASGOW in

A bittersweet result, but I was happy with the SILVER:

A World Record – very precious to me, but full credit to MIREIA
BELMONTE GARCIA (Spain) smashing the world barrier again and
defeating my swim:

SCOTT RICE runs a great series of events and I love supporting
the Ocean Swim Series when I can. Scott asked for some in-depth
interviews for the Ocean Swim site:

2014 for ME was a year that very much had its ups and downs:

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